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We’ve put together a list of  important things you should know before purchasing a sunroom:

Take a look at the Sunroom

If you’re speaking with a contractor, ask them if they have any full size models you can see. Seeing the finished product will be a huge help. The first time you view a sunroom, it either looks like the perfect solution or you don’t feel it’s the right approach. Either way it helps you narrow down the choices. Plus, you’ll be able to get a look at some of the designs. It ends up helping you decide if certain changes need to be made to accommodate your home.


 A Sunroom’s Cost and Value

When shopping for a new sunroom, the dealer should offer a free, no obligation consultation. This includes coming out to your home and taking the proper measurements, as well as providing an exact cost for the job. The should also  also provide great ideas on how to utilize your deck or patio as a foundation. Don’t accept any offers over the phone. Some companies will do this, but it doesn’t give you an “exact” cost. The only real way to purchase a sunroom is by scheduling an appointmentMany good sunroom dealers  will provide in-home design consultations. They will also give you a price that will never change.

Consider Electric Raceways

No one likes living in a home with an electric system that is not up to code. Your sunroom will need to meet the national codes or else the work cannot be done. Electrical raceways should always be safe, and they should never interfere with the decoration of your sunroom. Some contractors will offer electric after the fact. Most of the time they use an awkward surface mount electrical box and a conduit in order to mount the outlets and run the wiring. When you work with a good sun room  dealer , electric wiring national standards should always met.  They should use built-in electrical raceways so your room has a consistent look and the electrical area doesn’t look distracting.

Look at the Roller Wheels

If you look at the doors and windows in a sunroom, they will have roller wheels present. Your windows and doors are considered the masterpiece to the room’s decor. Therefore, it’s important to make sure they are high quality materials, especially when thinking about insulation and that “outdoor” feel. Doing everything right the first time around will provide plenty of durability and longevity to each piece. Roller wheels help make this happen, especially if you use steel rollers. These are perfect for heavier windows, and they should come with a warranty.Make sure they use rugged steel rollers and that they also run on a stainless steel track.

Don’t forget about ENERGY STAR

You’ve probably heard of this national program in the past. If not, it’s a rating system that rates the energy efficiency of consumer products. When you’re looking to purchase a sunroom, one of the most common terms is “four seasons sunroom.” These are sunrooms built to offer heating and cooling 365 days a year. Those that need this type of sunroom should always make sure the roof system is ENERGY STAR qualified. However, it should be qualified in all 50 states.


Insurance is always an important fact when someone comes in to work on your home. There are a lot of contractors out there who DO NOT come with worker’s compensation insurance. It’s expensive for them, so they might not have it. Even though it’s a way for them to cut corners and save money, you could end up paying for the medical bills if someone gets hurt. So make sure they are insured and that they DO NOT use sub-contractors for any job  performed.

 Glare Free Screens

A lot of companies that offer pictures will have fiberglass screens in them. However, black aluminum screens minimize any type of viewing obstructions. They are also stronger than fiberglass screens. So you will want your sunroom  to come with these long-lasting, black aluminum screens.

Look at the Handles

Every sunroom should have a door with strong handles. They also need to be easy to use, especially when guests are present. Our recommendation is to choose color matched handles with mortise locks. They look a lot better and tend to last longer. If you need a screen handle, it should be well fastened and offer a full size. So make sure all handles are color matched, full-sized and come with mortise locks.

Will Sub-Contractors be used?

Don’t be afraid to ask if sub-contractors will be on the job. When the answer is yes, ask what part of the work they will be doing for you. No matter what the answer is, make sure they are fully insured or the company using them will cover any mistakes or if someone gets hurt on the job. Also, this should NEVER make the cost of the sunroom become higher.

Permits and Inspections

Home improvement work like building a sunroom usually requires permits and inspections. Make sure the contractor handles all the permits and inspections from start to finish although some companies might require you to schedule an inspection with the local building department.


 Look for the Warranties

You should always have a labor guarantee from your contractor. You should find out what the warranty will include. The best way to do this is by asking them who stands behind the Manufacturer’s warranty.


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