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Aluminum or Vinyl Sunroom

Since the materials are an important factor, you should take a little time comparing them to one another. We’ve seen aluminum sunrooms and patios for years, but vinyl sunrooms are currently the most popular. They are also more expensive upfront, but they don’t require nearly as much maintenance.

How the family uses the new sunroom is something else to consider. The weather conditions in your area are important as well. Anytime heating and cooling is present in the sunroom, vinyl is a better choice. It’s a lot stronger and more durable than aluminum. It is also thermally efficient, so you can enjoy year-round insulation at its best. However, in order to add strength and rigidity in the posts and beams, the vinyl extrusions will require aluminum inserts.

If you go with aluminum, it will have plenty of structural support. You will also find that aluminum sunrooms are cost-efficient, lightweight, and strong. Patio and sunrooms made from aluminum will come with single or double pane glass.

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