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Sunroom Heating and Air-conditioning

If your home has a sunroom or you are planning to add one, it is important that you think about how you are going to heat and cool your home’s new addition. Adding the right heating and cooling to your sunroom will allow you to enjoy it all year around, in any and all weather conditions.

There are a number of options when it comes to heating and cooling a sunroom. For sunrooms that are attached to your home, you can simply integrate your current heating and cooling system into the sunroom. You just need to run the duct work from your home into the sunroom. This enables you to easily control the temperature of your sunroom and keep it the same temperature as the remainder of your home. You can even install a separate thermostat so that you can specifically control temperatures within the sunroom. You just have to ensure that your current heating and cooling system is powerful enough to add this extra square footage without causing problems. Adding additional duct fans will allow air to heat and cool the room efficiently.

If you prefer a bit more control for the temperatures in your sunroom or if your sunroom is not attached to your home then you can have an independent system installed. Baseboard or radiant heating units that use electricity to run are good choices for independent heating. For cooling, you can add a window air conditioner and adding ceiling fans will help to circulate both cool and warm air to help keep the temperatures comfortable at all times.

You can speak with an experienced heating and cooling contractor to learn more about your options when it comes to effectively and efficiently heating and cooling a sunroom. Adding the right options will allow you to enjoy your sunroom all year through.

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