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How Big Should You Build Your Sunroom

In order to design a sunroom, you have to know how it will be used. Obviously you have to pick the best location for a new addition, as well as the size. This will allow you to create and develop a budget before getting started.

One thing to think about is the sunlight. Most homeowners choose the back of their house as the location to build a sunroom. However, we understand there are several scenarios to consider, especially when you think about sunlight exposure. Directional orientations will also come into play. The point is; make sure you consider everything.

In our experience, we usually see people using their sunrooms for casual dining, leisure, and especially relaxation. When viewing different sunrooms around your neighborhood, we wouldn’t be surprised if most of them are built-off the kitchen or family room. When it comes to the location, always be thinking about traffic flow before making a decision.

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