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What You Should Know about Sunroom Warranties

When you purchase a sunroom it is essential that you receive a Service Warranty and a Manufacturer’s Warranty. It is important to understand that the dealer’s service warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty may be different. Warranties should cover all of the parts that are used in installation and this coverage should last for several years. Guarantees covering labor should last for at least 12 months.

When choosing a sunroom, you should ensure that the company stands behind not only their products but installation as well. A dealer who uses factory trained employees as opposed to subcontractors is a better choice and the manufacturer should include a warranty to cover parts. Your warranty is only as good as the company that offers the product. You should be able to count on the manufacturer of your sunroom to be in business should you ever have need of the service warranty. You can visit the website of the manufacturer to see what the warranties cover in most cases and determine how long they have been in business, their agreement with your specific dealer and how long that relationship has been intact. A strong and long enduring relationship between the dealer and the manufacturer helps to guarantee you much better service.

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