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Building an Affordable Sunroom

Whenever a sunroom is built for your home, it should blend well with the property. Some companies don’t have a lot of versatility, so they only have a few ways of creating a sunroom for you. Other companies offer a variety of styles and size to complement the property. Once this is under control, look for a dealer that will have financing options. This way the project will work within your budget.

Did you know sunrooms increase the resale value of your home? It’s true, and it can help you sell the home quicker.

Installation and Service Nightmares

The best sunroom companies will take the time to educate you on their process. For instance, the first thing they will do is measure the area and assess the area themselves. This is usually done by the company’s technical staff. This gives them a chance to go over any concerns they might have before the installation takes place.

Anytime you hire a sunroom company, they will (should) prepare the engineering documents and permit applications. Once prepared, this paperwork needs to be submitted to the local building department. The good companies offer this service and arrange everything for you.

When watching the contractor in action, all employees should treat you with respect, be well mannered, and work hard to complete the job. The supervisor/foreman should also come by each day to look at the progress.


Anytime work is performed on your property by an outsourced company, they should offer manufacturer and service warranties. These should cover the materials used during the installation and the labor that takes place. Hopefully the materials are guaranteed for several years and the labor for at least one year. Keep in mind; some companies have separate warranties for the manufacturer side and the service side.

We strongly believe companies should stand behind their products and installation. This means you should stay away from contractors that use sub-contractors

If a company doesn’t stand behind their warranty, it’s probably not worth using. After all, a warranty is only as good as the company who stands behind it. Counting on the manufacturer to still be around if an issue with the sunroom surfaces is very, VERY important. We also recommend finding a manufacturer that has been in business for a long time and also has an exclusive agreement with local dealers. When manufacturers and companies have strong relationships together, it can make you feel much more comfortable about the work being performed on your new sunroom. In the end, it means better service and installation.

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