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Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosures are a different type of sunroom. Instead of windows, these rooms have screens built in on all sides that keep out bugs and a roof that provides shade. They go by many names including patio enclosures, spa enclosures, screened porches, covered porches, screen rooms, and pool enclosures. They are usually built using aluminum, vinyl, or wood; all of which can resist high wind and inclement weather.

Screen enclosures are typically converted decks or patios, which is ideal if you don’t use these spaces much because of common problems like bugs or hot weather. Many manufacturers make the screens from noncombustible materials which allow you to use your grill indoors without the risk of starting a fire. This type of structure is perfect for night parties where you can grill burgers and socialize with friends without worrying about mosquitoes and other bugs interrupting the party. The enclosure also allows you to enjoy the outdoors during the winter time, although it will be cold since there is no insulation.

Benefits of Screen Enclosures

The main benefit of screen enclosures is the added usable space you’ll gain when you convert your deck or porch. It will be like you added another room to your home. Screen enclosures are typically very affordable and easy to install. If you have a swimming pool, you can use a screen enclosure to cover it and prevent debris from getting into the pool. This leads to less time cleaning and more time having fun. Lastly, screen enclosures are usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Self-Install Kits
If you have some experience in construction or you feel you are handy enough, you can build your own screen enclosure using a do-it-yourself kit from a manufacturer. They will provide you with all of the materials you need to turn your deck or patio into an enclosed space that you can use however you want. However, if you don’t have experience with construction, it is best to have a professional build your enclosure for you. This ensures the job will be done right and lasts for a long time. Additionally, many contractors offer warranties on their work which will have you money and aggravation if something goes wrong.

Screen Enclosure Prices

Screen enclosures are the most cost-effective way to get a sunroom. The room size and the customizations you choose will influence the price of the enclosure. However, you can expect to pay as little as $500 for a basic screen enclosure and up to $15,000 for something fancier.

List of Screen Enclosure Manufacturers

The most popular manufacturers of screen enclosures are Four Seasons Sunrooms, Admiral Sunrooms, Patio Enclosures, and Craft-Built Manufacturing Company.

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