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Aluminum, Wood or Vinyl ? Which Material is the Best for My Sunroom?

Sunroom construction used to be a lot simpler. There were only a few basic styles and the choice of materials was limited to wood, brick, or stone. Technological advances have changed all of that and today you have access to a wide variety of materials to use to build your sunroom. The most popular are wood, vinyl, and aluminum, and each have their own set of benefits and disadvantages. Which one you choose will depend on factors such as the style of your sunroom, whether your sunroom is seasonal or all-season, and your budget.


Sunrooms Made from Aluminum

Although lightweight, aluminum is one of the sturdiest materials around. It can hold heavy loads with ease and a little bit goes a long way. One reason many homeowners like using aluminum to build their sunrooms is because it allows larger windows to be installed. With less supporting material needed you will get more view for your money, which is the main purpose of a sunroom. Aluminum is produced in a variety of colors which allows you to match it to your home’s décor.

The main disadvantage to aluminum is it isn’t a very good insulator. Unless you use other techniques to insulate your sunroom, the room will reach extreme temperatures in the summer and winter. While the insulation qualities of aluminum have improved over the years, it is still not good enough to be used alone. Many manufacturers use a combination of vinyl and aluminum to achieve the insulation needed for a comfortable sunroom. ComfortView Aluminum Sunrooms, Admiral Aluminum Rooms, and Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Sunrooms are just a few of the aluminum sunroom brands available.

Sunrooms Made from Vinyl

If you are looking for good insulation then vinyl is the material you want to use to build your sunroom. When combined with double- or triple-pane energy efficient windows, this material will keep your sunroom comfortable all year round while saving you money by reducing your energy costs. As an added bonus, vinyl requires little to no maintenance, resists rusting, and comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. While there are numerous brands of vinyl sunrooms available, the most popular are Allview, Oasis Leisure Rooms, ComfortView, and All-Season Vinyl Patio Rooms.

Sunrooms Made from Wood

Traditionally, sunrooms have been made from wood. It is easier to feel like you are outdoors when you are surrounded by the loveliness of natural wood, which is unmatched by materials like vinyl and aluminum. Wood has good insulation properties and can withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature and resists the affects of condensation. However, wood can be pricey especially in these times when people are more environmentally aware. Additionally, wood requires more upkeep than other types of materials to maintain its natural beauty and you need to look out for critters that eat wood like termites. Still, it is a good option for people wanting a unique look for their sunrooms. The Georgian Conservatory and Cedar Wood Sunrooms are two popular wood sunroom brands available.

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